My name is George Stasinopoulos and i have been playing the Greek bouzouki for over thirty years. I am based in Adelaide, Australia and build instruments only of the highest quality with attention to detail.

As a bouzouki player and an experienced luthier, i understand the needs of the individual client and work closely with them to give the best possible outcome for the instrument they desire. 
The building process does take considerable time as each instrument is meticulously hand crafted to order.   

My aim is to produce high quality bouzoukis with optimum acoustic performance with ease of playability, whilst maintaining a high degree of structural integrity for longevity of the instrument.  

Instruments are individually handmade to order only ,
and I can offer a range of options to suit your individual requirements. Occasionally I have instruments ready made
and available.

Check out the Gallery to see some of the instruments i have made and an example of the high standard of workmanship i aim to produce.



Greek Bouzouki Maker

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